Our ambition is don’t miss a single flight, carrying at least one piece of us on board of every aircraft.


We base our aeronautical production on three pillars: our people, capable of combining consolidated craftsmanship with constantly evolving manufacturing skills, our 80-year deep roots that make us aware of our role, and our constant focus on innovation as an enabling lever for our ambitions and those of our customers.


MAGROUP is oriented towards excellence. Our people seek perfection in their actions and in their work, trying to surpass the results previously achieved.

The reliability of MAGROUP depends on the ability to honor our commitments and on the individual accountability: key conditions to reach a sustainable success.

Development means the restless capacity to change by conquering new markets, adquiring new technologies and providing proper answers to our customers. Aerospace means evolution for us.

Our talents come from different countries and our strenght is in the power of uniqueness. We believe that the growth of our Company is proportional to the value of our people, to a new idea of work, based on the equality of the individuals, before any gender.

We are pioneers of the future with a long tradition, deep rooths and expertise. We are proud of our origins and we know exactly where our vision is headed.

MAGROUP is committed to sustainability: re – thinking our landing gears projects, increasing environmental awareness in employees, improving our social and environmental engagement. We believe in the power of change.