Special Processes


Metal Sud has a long experience in the fields of special processes, particularly treatments and tests of aeronautical surfaces in steel, titanium, aluminium and their alloys.

  • Anodic oxidation with chromic, sulphuric acid
  • Chemical conversion with alodine 1200 alodine 1500 and alodine 600
  • Passivation steel
  • Titanium etch
  • Electro-polishing
  • Hard Chromium
  • Cadmium prating with kencad sald and sodium cyanide
  • Preparation for bonding of aluminium alloys
  • Hard anodic oxidation sulphuric
  • Nickel plating
  • Copper plating and de-copper plating
  • Stress relief and hydrogen embrittlement relief

Metal Sud has 58 tanks most of which are 8,000 mm long, 700 mm large and 1,800 mm deep.


  • semi-automatic painting plant with a cure oven to 100 °C;
  • clean room that allows checking and working at constant previously set values of temperature (max 150 °C) and humidity;
  • the plant is 10,500 mm long, 3,500 mm large and 3,500 mm high.


Two plant in to the department of Inspection with magnetic particles:

  • Magnaglo 14A MAGNAFLUX;
  • MagnafluxMAG 50 / 3h / 15

Two plant into the department of Penetrant Inspection:

  • Magnaflux for particular of small dimensions to 1500mm;
  • NDT Italiana for particular of great dimensions to 1500mm;