MAGROUP promotes the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, paying the utmost attention to environmental protection, respect for human rights and good corporate governance.

MAGROUP integrates sustainability into the entire organisation, from top to bottom, in industrial processes, products and systems: it is an integral part of corporate strategy. The Sustainability Plan is divided into thematic areas of action that cover the entire value chain: from Research and Innovation to Operations, from the development of new solutions to new business models and structural impacts.

Sustainable Development Goals

At MAGROUP we believe in the idea that business and performance go hand in hand with building a more sustainable, prosperous and healthy planet.
Through our actions we strive to drive progress in meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In 2021, we examined the SDGs and identified some key goals to which we believe we can make a contribution.

We are committed to ensuring the improvement of our employees’ working conditions through functional management of facilities and working methods, with special attention to physical well-being.

We have defined a program of actions aimed at developing a professional environment based on equal opportunity, non-discrimination, and respect for diversity and multiculturalism, as well as adopting a proactive strategy for overcoming any barriers that may prevent people from full employment inclusion.

The corporate sustainability plan aims to improve the efficiency of the Group’s industrial sites through the adoption of renewable forms of energy such as solar panels and the provision of electric charging stations for company cars.

We are working on a strong equality, diversity and inclusion policy to ensure that all our employees can feel part of the Group. Our company adopts an intergenerational decision-making process and ensures the best working conditions along with a healthy, safe and challenging environment.

Our energy policy respects the criteria of responsible consumption of available resources: our production and packaging activities are aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction while respecting environmental policies.

We are committed to creating a positive climate impact through the net reduction of greenhouse gases and emissions, optimizing energy consumption and the use of chemicals and plastics. In the future, we are committed to ensuring a shift to increasingly green forms of energy.