MAGROUP is aware of the challenges posed by a constantly evolving world and has chosen to spontaneously promote the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, paying the utmost attention to environmental protection, respect for human rights and good corporate governance.

In harmony with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact, the principles and objectives of sustainable development (Agenda 2030) have become part of the corporate vision, generating a responsible culture that is of inspiration and benefits the whole community.
The nature of the Group’s business model aims to minimize direct and indirect environmental impacts, making responsible use of resources efficient. Sustainability thus becomes a key element for competitiveness, also through support for innovative processes and the ability to attract talent.

Through an approach based on respect for diversity, skills and transparency, MAGROUP integrates sustainability into its business, creating value for people and for the planet.

The Corporate Governance system is in line with international best practices and provides for a Board of Directors aimed at promoting, through careful Stakeholder engagement, a responsible and sustainable culture within the Group by defining improvement objectives relating to the issues of sustainability.

MAGROUP entrusts the success of its strategies to the commitment and professionalism of its resources which represent its main competitive lever.

As part of its Industrial Plan and ESG Plan, MAGROUP has defined a program of actions aimed both at the development of a professional environment based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity and multiculturalism, and at the adoption of a proactive strategy for overcoming any barrier that may prevent people from full inclusion.
We promote growth paths based on training and the development of personal and professional skills, at all company levels.