MAGROUP designs, develops and manufactures components and structures in metal and composite material.

MAGROUP, designs and manufactures, at the Brindisi plant, aerostructures and aerodynamic surfaces, in new composite materials, for some of the major international aeronautical programs, including the Airbus A220 and for the new LifeRCraft demonstrators (RACER AIRBUS HD) and Leonardo’s innovative NGCTR, Next Generation Civil Tilt-Rotor, as part of the Clean Sky 2 projects. In the same site takes place the production of radomes, Impennages, nacelles for customers such as Boeing, ATR, Piaggio. Collaboration with customers starts from the design phase, through production to certification, a phase, also the latter, that can be conducted in MAGROUP.

The main active involves the largest departments of the Brindisi plant, which are the lamination clean room and the assembly area.

In the clean room, composite parts and metal parts, manufactured in the Brazilian plant’s affiliate, Magnaghi Do Brasil, are assembled on ladders designed by MAGROUP itself. In this way, the flaps, spoilers and landing gear doors finally take shape and are sent to the final painting phase.