Environmental Impact

MAGROUP pays great attention to the sustainable use of resources and minimization of waste. In accordance with current regulations, the Group has adopted its own Environmental Management System, setting goals consistent with the corporate strategy. The concept of Sustainability in business processes, is translated by taking into consideration economic impacts and related environmental and social perspectives.

An Integrated Policy for Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety defines the guiding principles for sustainable growth, aimed at innovation in the services offered and in compliance with the highest standards.

Research and sustainable development

MAGROUP makes environmental and social sustainability the basis of its corporate strategy: protecting people and the planet, guaranteeing security, with long-term benefits in terms of technological development, innovation and progress.

Reducing Co2

Awareness of consumption and the resulting production of CO2 is the first step to safeguard the environment. Three projects have been launched in this regard at MAGROUP:

  1. Reducing consumption by installing the latest LEDs
  2. The elimination of gas boilers by replacing them with high-efficiency heat pumps
  3. Self-production of energy with the installation of photovoltaic panels

Plastic reduction

The Group equipped all locations with water dispensers to replace plastic bottles and preferred the use of biodegradable products (e.g., coffee cups, saucers, forks/knives/sponges). The Group also pays special attention to the proper disposal of waste products, in appropriate sorted containers.

Digitization and dematerialization

All internal processes have been digitized and great attention is paid to promoting good practices aimed at reducing waste. In particular, the production of paper documents has been cut down almost completely. Internal information and processes (e.g., payroll, resource allocation, etc.) are handled exclusively in electronic format. Each employee’s paper consumption is monitored through the provision of personal codes for company printers.

Sustainable management of work space

According to the principle of input reduction and efficiency, spaces are constantly reviewed to optimize their utilization, through smart working policies, and sharing, through the modulation of different common work areas.

Sustainable mobility

In close cooperation with the municipality and the transport companies, MAGROUP constantly takes action to promote sustainable and inclusive mobility through awareness-raising campaigns and concrete actions aimed at mapping the habits of its resources, encouraging the choice of environmentally friendly means of transport and studying innovative solutions in synergy with the local area, thus promoting healthy lifestyles with a favourable impact on the environment for the entire city.