A structured HR Strategy to promote development of our people


Our people strategy aims to strengthen the organization to build an identity with a strong brand and common values, to move  from a local to a global Group approach. Improving processes that support MAGROUP’s transformation are another transformation lever that  supports our strategy, which is based on four items that are: Inclusion & Diversity, Accelerated Digitization, Employee Welfare and Training.

MAGROUP was awarded the Top Employers 2022 and Top Employers 2023 certification

An ambitious goal that rewards the work carried out in the company, to continue building and investing on what are considered MAGROUP’s cornerstones: communication, training, engagement, safety at work, attention to diversity, support to the communities where the company operates on the Italian sites.

Inclusion & Diversity
Promoting inclusion through daily initiatives

MAGROUP aims to ensure that its culture stands for equity and inclusion and that every employee is empowered to be “authentic” and themselves at work.

Five Goals:

    • Ensuring recruitment diversity and achieving a balanced candidate list at all levels and stages.
    • Creating a flexible and trust-based workplace culture that encourages. employees to achieve harmony in work life, attracts talent, and enables everyone to be their best selves.
    • Build a career support program that enables employees to find clarity, momentum, and direction to make positive changes.
    • Ensure that colleagues returning from long-term absence are exposed to equal opportunity.
    • Ensure practices that recognize each phase of the family life cycle.

Accelerated Digitization
Improve the digital employee experience

The digitization of business processes provides added value to our company and is not only limited to the elimination of the use of paper, but above all to the possibility of a more productive use of the company’s human resources. Our goal is to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the business by creating new automated models that enable the achievement of business objectives and a better response to the needs of customers and employees.
Through interconnected computer systems, information can be managed through a single “management system” that can be accessed by all members of the company. The digitization process has also made it possible to improve the working experience of our employees through the digital collection of feedback and design thinking workshops.

Employee Well-being
Integrate ethical and well-being behaviors

People are at the centre of our strategy because the well-being of our employees contributes to successful individual and corporate performance. Our approach is to create a healthy environment where we can encourage our people to be part of the change. We aim to support our employees to feel good about themselves, the company and the community in which they live in order to bring well-being, new energy and new potential.

Build a culture of shared values and skills

The aim of MAGROUP’s training process is to foster people’s growth and development in order to create a culture of shared values, goals and knowledge.
Our approach is to empower our employees to develop new skills through upskilling and reskilling in order to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.
Training is carried out in cooperation with prestigious corporate and academic training companies.