Naples, Italy

<h2><strong>Magnaghi Aeronautica</strong></h2>

Magnaghi Aeronautica is MAGROUP oldest company, founded in Naples in 1936 to provide support for the flight activities of the Italian Air Force.

The vision of Magnaghi Aeronautica has always been centered on innovation and the development of internal professional skills. Nowadays the company continues adcquiring new contracts for the main programs in the aeronautical landscape. The constant attention to preserve and develop all the in-house professional skills and the research of new technologies to anticipate the need of aircrafts manufacturers, is the company commitment to be one of the leading gears and hydraulic components.

Today Magnaghi Aeronautica designs, certifies and produces landing systems tailored on clients requests.

Over the years, the acquisition of increasing professionalism and know-how has led Magnaghi to take on the most challenging and co-operating role on many programs, both military such as AQ129, AW249, C27-J, F-35, Hurjet, KC390, M346, NH90, TF-X, TX, FUL M346, SH/MH-60 and civil such as AW169, P180, ATR, SJ100, S76, AIRBUS Racer, for both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft.

Magnaghi recently signed contracts with Lilium and Eviation Aircraft to design, develop and manufacture the undercarriage systems of their respective all-electric, zero-emission aircraft. Research and know-how in service of sustainability and CO2 reduction.