MAGROUP provides the technologies, products and services needed for tomorrow aerospace and defence markets by developing innovative solutions to anticipate customers demanding requirements.

A significant number of our engineers are involved in Research & Development, exploring new paths to innovation day after day.
Use of new advanced materials, from metallic alloys to composites, means lighter and stronger parts.
MAGROUP Research & Development Team is exploring innovative materials, processes and special treatment applications to increase product performance and strength, and to improve weight and environmental impact to help making air travel safer and more environmental-friendly.

Expertise in production processes is a key factor for more effective and innovative aircraft systems and structures.
Additive manufacturing, one of the latest production processes, is being used at MAGROUP for weight and cost optimization of complex parts and for smart product application.
Replacement of Hydraulic systems with All-Electrical powered systems on-board of new and future aircraft see MAGROUP fully involved in adopting Electro-Mechanical technology on new landing gear and actuation systems development.

Our efforts are oriented to increase safety and product life cycle cost efficiency.

Advanced structural health monitoring (SHM) systems and smart product are only some example of development projects to significantly improve safety while reducing maintenance and repair costs.
The SHM field encompasses trans-disciplinary areas, including smart materials, sensors and actuators, damage diagnosis and prognosis.

Strongly oriented to innovative technology, MAGROUP is one of major player in European Clean Sky 2 research program, designed to foster the emergence of disruptive technologies in the aviation sector. While improving the environmental performance of aircraft to make air transport greener than ever. In these challenging framework, MAGROUP plays a major role within several ambitious projects.

Among these is the T-WING project, as core partner of Leonardo Helicopters. Aimed to design, manufacture, and qualify an innovative composite Wing, including control surfaces, for the Next Generation Civil Tilt Rotor (NGCTR).
Another noteworthy is ANGELA project, as core partner of Airbus Helicopters. Aimed to design, manufacture, and qualify an innovative landing gear system complete with composite doors for the RACER fast rotorcraft long range, high cruise speed, low fuel consumption and gas emission, low community noise impact, and productive for operators.
The participation to the above and three other projects in Clean Sky 2 mainly aimed at developing electromechanical actuation systems for landing gear extension/retraction, steering and brake function, make MAGROUP to hold the record for simultaneous participation as Core Partner in three aircraft platforms currently being developed under the European Clean Sky 2 Research Programme.