Development means change by conquering new markets, with the goal of producing new technologies and providing appropriate solutions to our customers. Aerospace for us means evolution.

A significant number of our engineers are involved in Research & Development, exploring new paths to innovation day after day.

Innovative Materials

Additive manufacturing



Strongly focused on innovative technologies, MAGROUP is a major player in the European Clean Sky 2 research programme, designed to foster the emergence of disruptive technologies in the aviation sector. While improving the environmental performance of aircraft to make air transport greener than ever before. In this challenging environment, the company plays an important role in several ambitious projects.

The Group is participating in three Clean Sky 2 projects, mainly aimed at developing electromechanical actuation systems for landing gear extension/retraction, steering function and brake function. The simultaneous participation in three different projects as Core Partner within the European Clean Sky 2 Research Programme represents a record that no one has ever achieved before.