Our ambition is to become the most important supplier in the world of landing gear and aerostructures thanks to our ability to transform an idea into a concrete project through our ability to evolve, to constantly research new technologies and to be close to the customer.


We work every day to design and produce excellent and tailor-made components that arise from the experience of our operators, from the study of the most innovative composite materials. Aware of the singularity of our business, we are attentive to the quality and the impact that our companies have on the environment. We respect and protect our people, our strength.


The establishment of the Magnaghi UK in 2021, in line with the international growth plan, provides the Group with an opportunity to develop its presence in Europe. In fact, Magnaghi UK represents a production hub to further develop our market from Northern Europe and expand major programs with the export of MAGROUP products worldwide.

It is not what we do, but the way we do it to define who we really are.

Respect is the guiding star of our actions. In the daily life, it means teamwork, professionalism, ethics in our behaviors and care of others, within or outside the company.

Our commitment and your trust to build success.

The reliability of our Group depends on the ability to honor our commitments and on the individual accountability. These are key conditions to reach a sustainable success.

Innovation inspires our vision.

In aerospace, those who never evolve disappear. For us development means the restless capacity to change by conquering new markets, developing new technologies and providing proper answers to our customers and the society at large.

Meritocracy means preparing the future.

Merit identification and promotion are at the very heart of our strategy. We nurture new talents since we recognize that the growth of any enterprise is proportional to the value of its people.

In our market, only those who have a long history can face the future.

All the Group companies have a long history of competence as well as deep roots in their respective homelands. We are proud of our heritage.

We care about human-beings.

We are conscious of the importance of the common good of the society and the motivation of our own employees. We know that no one is fine in her or his working place if she or he does not feel it as home.